Thursday, December 3, 2009

My first trip to Victoria!

Waiting for the SkyTrain.
Waiting for the bus.
Waiting for the ferry.
Got my ticket, here we go!
We made it!
Me and Grandma. She smiles a lot.
Me and Grandad. It's his birthday.
Chilling on the sofa. I can hold my head up!
What are we waiting for? Let's go for a walk!
Me and Grandad at Gonzales Bay. Lots of sand to play in when I'm a bit older.
Behind the "tweed curtain" on Oak Bay Ave. Never saw so many grannies before!
They bought me a new snowsuit. I think it's a bit too big.
McNeil Bay looks like a great place for a snack.
That was exciting! Time for a nap.

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