Thursday, August 5, 2010

My first birthday!

Hard to believe but today I'm one year old! Time just zips by.
Celebrations began in the pool at Grandma and Grandad's house.
I like to shake my head and say "Nah" whenever someone wants to take one of my toys.
If I put my head just so - I can hear the sound of the ocean. Mum thinks it's just the bubbles coming out behind me. What does she know anyway?
Lots of stuff for later on.
For some reason I have a strange attraction to blue balloons.
Maybe the balloon can float me up to the good stuff.
Gotta untie these balloons so that I can open some presents!
Goody time!
Snack time! Blueberries are great - I'll just stuff as many as I can in my cheeks and save them for later. That strawberry looks mighty appetizing too.
I'm not sure about this hat though.
Here's Dad dealing with a high-tech candle.
Gimmee, gimmee...
...always gets!
Things I can do at One
• I can say "Nah" and shake my head to say "No"
• I can say Mama, and Emmama - mostly when Mum is changing my diapers or wiping my face - which I really hate!
• I can reach out my arms when I want to be picked up
• I can open things to see what's inside. And if I can't open it myself I hold it out to Mum so that she will open it for me.
• I can stand up by myself if I hold onto something. And for a brief moment I can stand without holding anything.
• I can use a spoon to extend my reach to pull something closer to me.
• I can rub balloons and scratch things to hear the sounds they make. I really like sounds. I like rocking to music.
• I can cover myself with a blanket to play hide and seek.
• I can throw a ball.
• I can point to things.
• I can copy peoples expressions.
• I love to sneak things out of Grandad's shirt pocket. Especially his eye glasses.
• I can stick out my tongue and make a raspberry sound.
• I can twiddle my fingers over my lips and make a gurgle sound.
• When Mum lies me down on my back to change my diapers, I can hold my head up for a bit and slowly put it down so I don't bump myself.
• I can clap my hands and wave goodbye.
• My favourite food is creamed corn and pancakes.
• I'm starting to remember things. Now I can anticipate things.

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