Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Funday

Mum and I had an awesome day today. We made muffins together for breakfast and watched cartoons. Then we went grocery shopping on the avenue. After that we came home made lunch and had a picnic. Our resident crow "Charlie" tried to steal my sandwich as usual but Mum gave him another snack instead. I was having so much fun I missed my nap. Well, sort of. You see at around 3 pm I came in for a bath to clean up after running around in the back yard without a diaper for several hours and then I kind of crashed and fell asleep on my puzzle in the living room. Mum tried to pick me up but I protested and said I did not want to go to bed but apparently I fell asleep on her lap while we were hugging. When I woke up we made cookies and gave some to Grandpa. We also did some Yoga before bed. I really like Yoga and want to do more with Mum.

Hope you had a funday Sunday too!

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