Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blue is becoming a Big Boy!

Well, it's been a month since I turned 3 and Mum says I have grown one inch! Everyone's amazed so I guess that's kinda a big deal. I also tried my rain boots on the other day and something was not right. I called Mum over and she laughed. Seems I've grown a whole shoe size over the summer. That must be why my feet hurt at night and Mum has to rub them.
Potty training is something I've been working on too. I really don't like to feel wet so as soon as I pee Mum or Granpa has to change my diaper right away. I went poop on the potty twice this week! I told Daddy when we talked on the phone.... he's away in Fort Mc Murray right now.... and he told me is was so proud of me. I'm really working on becoming a big boy because they can do a lot, I think.

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